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Grow faster. Join Future 25.

Future 25 is a unique talent acceleration program created by eMAG to find the brightest, most promising 25 youngsters, ready to become tomorrow's leaders.

Build the Time Machine. Write your future.

Did you know that if time travel was possible it would only work into the future? We didn't at first but we found out along the way, as we built the Time Machine to travel into eMAG`s future. The funny thing about the future is that it has more alternatives. It all depends on whoever goes there. So if you`re around 25 years old with 3 to 5 years of work experience and you feel like you can write one of eMAG`s alternative futures and your own, join us as a fellow time traveller.

Why You

Because you want to work smarter. Play harder. Grow faster.

You`re smart, young and you want to change the world. Does this sound like you? If you already work at eMAG, you can apply for one of the 20 available spots. If you work outside eMAG, you can apply for one of the 5 external roles we’ve opened - details below –which guarantee your admission in the program. This is the first year we are sharing our talent program with young people outside eMAG and we are eager to know you and write our future together.

  • Fast

    pace learner

  • Critical


  • Brave

    enough to speak up

  • Innovative



You work in eMAG

That is great. Future 25 is your chance to accelerate your career and prepare you to become one of tomorrow’s leaders. If you’re around 25 years old and have 3 to 5 years work experience, get ready for the challenge! Hop on!

eMAG Time Traveller

You work outside eMAG

Awesome. Future 25 is your chance to access 5 of the coolest jobs in e-commerce. Like we said, if you`re around 25 years old and have 3 to 5 years of experience you could enter eMAG with a splash - straight into our talent acceleration program: Future 25. Here are the 5 profiles we are looking for. Choose the one that suits you and apply!

Last Time

It all began with a crazy dream. Building the time machine


Last time we launched the Future 25 program and it was quite a rollercoaster. Intense testing, capturing the flag in the middle of the night, tight deadlines, creative breakfasts with industry leaders and the adventure of a lifetime - travelling to San Francisco to visit Silicon Valley and more. We visited the Facebook and Google headquarters and learned what innovation truly means. Check out the news archive to learn more!

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This Time

A 2 years program full of learning experiences, mentorship and fun

That's what Future 25 is all about. We learned a lot from the first edition and this year we are making it even bigger and better. A program full of carefully crafted workshops and courses, creative breakfasts and learning evenings with eMAG`s top managers and many other industry leaders, as well as a trip in one of the world`s technology hubs, San Francisco. Plus, you will get to meet the first edition`s participants and find out what Future 25 meant for them. See below this year`s selection process (The Chosen Ones) and the program itself (The Journey).

Beyond The Limits Of Time - Roadmaps

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Selection - The Chosen Ones

Learning Program - The Journey