Future 25 is a talent program which aims to select 25 of the brightest, most promising young employees in eMAG, around 25 years old, and give them the chance to shine.

Time Machine

Building the Time Machine?

This is a journey for the crazy ones, the ambitious fools who dream big and play hard. The ones whose inner child wants to build the Time Machine but smart enough to know what that really means.

Being a leader in e-commerce means being one step ahead of the customer's needs. One step ahead of change. The Future 25 team is made to achieve such a task.

The program roadmap

Future 25 helps young employees accelerate their growth through exposure to the most important development projects, workshops, creative breakfasts with inspirational speakers and other learning events. Here is a roadmap of all the phases and what will happen in each of them.

Download the roadmap

Real dreams are made of this

As the biggest talent program in the company, Future 25 brings together eMAG's future leaders and experts, the ones who can make us the no. 1 e-commerce business of New Europe. The Future 25 is the melting pot of eMAG's future managers.

Faster than change. Ready for any job.

That's what it will take to be a leader in future eMAG. And those are the qualities of the Future 25 members. Around 25 years old, with less than 5 years experience in the work field, these are the dreamers of the Time Machine.