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Fantastic. This is your chance to grow faster. Your chance to book a seat next to the smartest of the smart and learn from the best.

eMAG Time Traveller

You know the stories. You`ve heard about the 25ers. They live fast, learn fast, grow fast. Are you one of them?

20 seats


But you want to join us. That is why Future 25 has 5 open seats this year for people like you, outside the company. We need fresh minded time travellers like you. But this is not only about the program. You enter Future 25, you enter eMAG. In a full-time job.

Crono Crusher

Web&Mobile Project Manager
Knows the user, dreams about the best UX and brings everybody to the table to make it happen.

1 seat

Vortex Rider

Business Process Analyst
Speaks the language of mighty objectives, dreams about the most efficient processes, brings everybody together to make it happen.

1 seat

TimeSpace Bender

Content Project Manager
Makes the future happen faster than you could say F25. Fearless. Bring it on.

1 seat

Quantic Jumper

BI Product Owner
Jumps back and forth in time to make sure we all write the right future. Inspires everybody.

1 seat

Dark Matter Tamer

Finance Business Partner
Knows the whats from the whys and the ifs from the whatifs. Has clarity, rigor and presence.

1 seat