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The Time Machine Bootcamp

BootCamp Day 1: The clash of titans

In order to have a synergized commando crew that is ready for any kind of situations, they have to get to know and trust each other. Because when things get tough, you can rely on the fact that the crew-member next to you will have your back.

What a better way in getting to trust the person next to you than participating at the Olympics together?Not the Ancient-Greek-like Olympics (we are all about future here, not the past), but a better version of them, with flying drones and Quidditch matches. Pretty cool, huh?

The competition was harsh: they crawled … they ran …. they solved riddles and found clues … they sieged castles … they coordinated team members in order to lead them to victory (blindfolded in some cases), the skills and limits were pushed and stretched.
The Olympics meant to create a bond between the crew-members, and so they did (the photos talk for themselves).

But that’s not all….

The day one of the Time Machine BootCamp ended with the biggest challenge that occurred at 09:00 PM, in the woods of Moeciu de Sus and that challenge was: Capture the Flag! Where the crew-members were divided into two teams and began the pursue in capturing the other team’s flag. In the light of the moon and the stillness of the night, only the team with the best strategy would prevail (or the guy with the fastest legs) and capture the flag.

After long, tensioned moments, with ups and downs on both sides, the silence of the forest cracked in the sound of victory: The Flag was captured.

Even though only one team could capture the flag, they were all winners in the end, reunited into one single bonded team. The Future 25 Team.