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The Time Machine Bootcamp

BootCamp Day 2: Wisdom from another realm

Time-travelling is not an easy thing to do, that’s why we need to keep everyone in good shape, both physically and mentally.

In day 1 we dealt with the physical part, then it was time to put that brain to work. That’s why we called the second day “Brain Day”.

We got the crew members gathered so they could share their expectations regarding their role in the program and the learning path that they would take. The Quantic Navigators were there to share their insights and experiences that could have turned to be useful for the Time Travellers in their journey of building the time machine.

A lot of ideas emerged and were put on paper. After that, it was time to bring a spark of inspiration in the room:

Cosmin Alexandru and Sergiu Negut began the first series of the “Brain Day”, by giving us important insights about leadership and innovation.

Afterwards, Bogdan Iordache offered us a glimpse of how the new technologies will impact e-commerce in the future, and “Coco” Popescu taught us that there is no peek that you can’t conquer if you are really determined.

Tudor Vlad, from eMAG Foundation, gave us tips on how the sports can help you in your daily activities.

Iulian Stanciu, the eMAG CEO, shared his vision about eMAG and the impact it has on the e-commerce market, and the principles that helped him accelerate the growth of the company.

And that was it. For some of the participants, because the last men standing enjoyed a hell-of-a-party!!!