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The Time Machine Bootcamp

BootCamp Day 3: Run, Time Traveller, run!

There’s a quote that says that “You’ve got what it takes…. but it will take everything you’ve got”.

You don’t know the true meaning of that until you run 7.5 kilometers on a mountain pass.

The 3rd day of the Time Machine BootCamp was all about challenges. The brave ones adventured on a hard task, as said, running on a mountain pass. But passing the finish line really gave us a feeling like no other. With this state of mind in place, we challenged our Time Travellers to write about their experiences in the BootCamp. Their words were sealed on an envelope to be opened only a year from now.

And this is how our 3 days Time Machine BootCamp ended. It surely was an experience to remember and one amazing official kick off for our Future 25 program.