Fireside Gatherings

Creative Breakfast #3 – Giving back

After a small break where we dedicated ourselves 100% to Black Friday #8, in December we resumed our Future 25 learning experiences through a Creative Breakfast.

But this was no ordinary Creative Breakfast, but a special one – both through its goal and its means. To be more specific, we went outside our comfort zone, literally, we went on the streets, and used a minimum of resources and our business skills to make some real money. The goal? Use the profits to bring joy to some kids on Christmas.

We divided into 5 teams and each team put together a strategy to raise as much money as it could. With the good cause in mind, we didn’t hold back from anything: from selling sweets on the streets of Bucharest, to calling friends and convincing them to donate. Two hours later, the race was over and the profits unexpectedly high. 🙂

But that was not all, now it was time to turn the money into real, useful gifts for the kids. A team of volunteers dedicated some serious time and effort to putting together the best presents, the kind that they would have liked growing up, and donating them to the Shoebox program. Not to say they did that in record time: 126 gifts in one day. We then donated the money we had left to an association supporting children who live in difficult conditions.

Beyond the money, this whole experience was an amazing learning experience. It taught us about teamwork, not only within a team, but between teams, about healthy competition, planning ahead, testing your strategies and adapting on the spot. About the importance of making money and the responsibility that comes with spending it.

Until next time, have some Wonderful Holidays.