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Inside eMAG or outside eMAG, you actually have the same questions. Here are some answers:

A: The entire selection process takes around 2 months. So buckle up, it’ll be worth the effort! :)

A: First of all, the selection process has multiple stages to pass and each stage is eliminatory. You can check the full roadmap of the selection process (The Chosen Ones) on the main page. After each step, we’ll keep you informed on your status, no matter the answer, through an e-mail or a call.

A: No, Future 25 is a talent acceleration program. So, if you already work in eMAG, you will continue to work on the same role, while taking part in workshops and learning initiatives that are included in the program. If you don’t currently work in eMAG and you get selected for Future 25, that means also getting selected for one of the 5 roles we’ve opened externally.

A: Future 25 is a 2 years’ time program. The first year is dedicated to carefully crafted workshops and courses, creative breakfasts and learning evenings with eMAG`s top managers and many other industry leaders, as well as a trip in one of the world`s technology hubs, San Francisco. The second year is dedicated to a fast track MBA program that will help you deepen your management knowledge. What a crazy ride! :)

A: Have we mentioned about writing one of eMAG`s alternative futures and your own? This doesn’t change after your graduation. You’ll just have to level up your game if you want to change your role or your area of expertise. Maybe it will happen before graduating, who knows?! We’ll help you along the way, but it’s actually you who leads they way.

A: You can drop us an e-mail at future25@emag.ro with any question you have and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

A: Of course you can, depending on your role, we also have functional development programs or soft skills trainings that you can attend. However, you can’t take part in another development programs focused on leadership while being in Future 25.

You’re outside eMAG and have really specific and crucial questions. Here are some answers:

A: Entering Future 25 also implies getting a full time job in eMAG. You can choose from 5 of the coolest jobs in e-commerce. If at the end of the selection process you receive a call that announces you’ve been selected, you should be prepared to join the eMAG crew on a full time journey.

A: One of your first responsibilities is to enjoy the ride. After that, don’t forget you’ll join us on a very specific role that has its own responsibilities. On top of that, there’s Future 25. So make sure not to miss any workshops or learning initiatives that are part of the program.