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The Time Machine Bootcamp

The time machine Boot Camp – the beginning of a two-year journey

Three months ago we launched the second edition of Future 25, a program for innovative youngsters who want to learn fast. Since then, they have passed through numerous challenges, aka selection stages, and now the team is complete. 25 brave young people with great potential are ready to create the future of eMAG. It’s the beginning of a new trip. Will it be easy? Probably not. It will be nice? It’s going to be EPIC! And how could we begin, if not with an intense training that will prepare the 25 for what will follow. So we started with a boot camp. This was the moment when the complete Future 25 2.0 team met and also got to know the mentors and buddies who will join them in the next two years.

Play day

We started the “training” early in the morning, on the way to the boot camp, when we challenged the future time travellers with a game that would decide how fast we’ll reach our destination. Fortunately, they have proven once again that their mind is as agile at any moment, so they quickly solved the riddle and we could continue our journey.

Once we arrived, we continued with a mission to test their agility, lateral thinking, creativity and logic. The stake? Getting resources to build a time machine. Each team had two hours to go through as many challenges as possible. Each trial brought them valuable points that they could use to buy materials necessary for the time machine. Hockey on a broom, jenga, relay, giant twister, giant scrabble, nothing was too difficult having in mind the ultimate goal. The teams put in their speed, strategy and collaboration and managed to gather all the necessary resources, and then, working together, they built a prototype of the time machine. By doing so, they have demonstrated that they are ready to go further and use their abilities to implement together the best projects for the future of eMAG.

Brain day

Time traveling is not easy, so we’ve tried to balance physical and mental activities, play with more serious things. If on the first day we had more fun activities, the second day of the boot camp was dedicated to inspiration. We started with a presentation by Iulian Stanciu, eMAG CEO, where he talked about the company’s beginnings, his vision and the principles that helped him accelerate eMAG development. Instead of a break, we went to run on the hills in the area. The day continued with more inspiration. Each mentor and buddy presented himself and gave the participants a sample of what it would mean to go through this journey together. They talked about their own experience, what they have learned so far and what they could teach the curious youngsters in the program.

And, of course, how could this day have ended if not with a campfire, many stories and a great party!

Future-Perfect day

We spent the last day of the boot camp looking in the future. The 25ers, together with the mentors and buddies, imagined their ideal future in eMAG, and then written down the actions that would get them there, as well as the resources they need to meet their development goals. And that was not all. In order to have a clear dimension of their progress over the next two years, they also received a diary to document their entire journey.

The Boot Camp was just the first of a long series of experiences that will transform the 25 time travellers. Next, they will go through workshops, learning nights, creative breakfasts, their first great challenge: Arena, a trip to San Francisco, a Fast Track MBA and then the final test: Arena # 2.

Keep close!