Fireside Gatherings

Learning through play  #Impro day

Networking and learning from each other is an important part of the Future 25 program. So, at the end of February, we took a day outside the office to reconnect and learn through play the importance of being present and adapting in real time. And we did it in the most entertaining way – through an improvisation workshop. 🙂

Guided by our friends from Learning Architect, the 25ers took part in various exercises that made them discover new ways of getting to know each other, generate creative ideas more easily, take risks and not be afraid of making mistakes.

After a few hours of play, the 25ers were ready to hold a proper show where they were the protagonists, producers and audience. Split in 5 teams, they created their own team identity, reflected by the t-shirts they painted themselves and had their moments on stage. And what a moment they had!