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The Time Machine Bootcamp

Meet the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Well, finding this team of 25 time travellers didn’t happen overnight. Somebody had to take care of this. It’s time to meet the Guardians of the Galaxy, the organizers of Future 25 program. In order to do that, we invented this exercise where one of the three team members talks about the other two.

Have a look! Warning! Long article ahead. 🙂

— Alex about Doru&Maria:

Doru, the “Stellar Mastermind”. You will recognize him by far due to his unique own way to deal with things. Agile, humorous and professional, Doru will always get things done in an innovative matter.

If you seek someone who pays attention to the smallest thing, well, congrats! He is the right man to do the job. He gets relentless in his pursuit to do things perfectly (with the cost of some sleep hours if it’s necessary). You will see what I mean, if you check the Future 25 program J.

Ready to help you with anything even if he is deeply caught in work, you would ask yourself where all that energy is coming from. Well, he might behold an ancient secret to that. Maybe one day he will reveal it, who knows. That’s why, staying around him is fun and productive. Speaking of fun, you will get tons of it if you stick around with him (maybe you heard rumors about his sense of humor).

Don’t get nervous if you won’t find him at his desk, he is probably somewhere planning the next move on some cool project.


Maria, “the SUPERnova Storyteller”. Emphasizing “Super”, you probably already read some cool stuff that Maria wrote ‘till now. Not a single detail passes her attention, I assure you. She will make sure that everything is put up in place before it’s ready to be delivered, and that’s why you will always want to ask for her opinion first to have not the good, but the best results. Take a look at the Future 25 stories. You will agree with me.

Three words to describe her? Professional, meticulous, and a whole lot of creativity. Mix those ingredients, add some stardust and voila: that is Mary

The time spent near her is always a quality time. Both smart and funny, (don’t get deceived by the cute face) it’s a challenge to have a discussion with her, so you better go hard or go home.

You will hear about the “Supernova’s Storyteller” writings in the future, that’s for sure, because her stories travel time and dimensions.


— Doru about Maria&Alex:

Where do I start to talk about Maria? Should I start with how awesome she is as a professional, Mr. Wayne? Or should I just talk about the craziness, Miss Harley Quinn?

You probably already know her, but if you don’t, you’ll find her at her desk writing some very cool stuff or organizing an internal event that you’ll talk about for at least one week after. Because this is how Maria is, she won’t ever settle for less and she will always want you to feel special when you read something she wrote or join something she organized. For Maria, it’s not about her win, it’s about yours. And it’s just this that would make me work anytime on a project with her, because I know that it will turn out to be pretty great.

Moving forward to the craziness, it’s always cool to find someone that will take your creativity and your jokes to the next level. And boy, you should see how that goes. Anyway, that’s just the tip of the meteor, because it’s her genuine and authentic way of being that makes me say “This is not work, this is friendship!”


Alex is the kind of guy who wakes up really early to go to the gym, at times when people are in their last sleeping stages. As much as I don’t trust people that smile before 8 am, I assure you that Alex is trustworthy. He’s the new addition to the Future 25 team and to the HR team itself, but he managed to get on the ride pretty fast. Ask anything about the Boot-Camp and he will know it. Ask him how things are going and he will just say “Ok”. Then, you’ll just have to ask the “How things are going?” question again, in order to get the extended answer. J

If you’re thinking where would you find Alex, the answer is: “Everywhere”, as he is doing all sort of stuff in order to Guard the Galaxy and the Time Travelers themselves. And it’s not just about guarding it, it’s about solving everything there is to solve, about anticipating what meteors could hit us, while keeping it cool and creative.

—Maria about Alex&Doru:

You know that cool feeling you have when a person gets to surprise you in a very good way? Well, that’s the thing about Alex. When you meet him for the first time you don’t know for sure what to think&say about him, you just know there’s something there that needs time to be revealed. The past few weeks got me to that moment. He’s a very hard working person and he takes full responsibility when it comes to getting things done. Imagine a world where we could all be like him! Heaven!

Organizing Future 25 wasn’t that easy, especially when you know you want to create an amazing experience for all your participants. Things get messy, things get stressful and you lose sight of important details. Alex kept his calm all the time, looked at the positive side of each situation and succeeded to get Doru and I back on track. And, well, Doru and I, well … we’re a bit difficult, we have our drama moments. J I know it wasn’t simple for Alex to work with me and I recognize that sometimes I intentionally pushed the limits, but I just knew he can do and achieve more. I was one of the kicks he needed. Or just the crazy colleague asking for a lot of things.  


Working with Doru is so much fun! Future 25 isn’t our first encounter on the working battle field. We already have a cool history together (aww, that’s way too cheesy even for me) that helped us build one crazy program. From some perspectives, we are alike: really involved in the things we do, we suffer from the same disease, perfectionism, and we go bananas when it comes to being creative. He’s a very reliable person. And let’s face it! It’s hard to find people like him these days.

Doru has a great understanding of people, it comes naturally to him. He is a good adviser for the moments you need an advice. But he will never pamper you while giving that advice. He helps you see things you might have blocked in your mind.

Future 25 is his baby project that got bigger and bigger and I’m really glad to be part of the team. I had a lot to learn from Doru because he’s that type of person who likes to share his knowledge. Chapeau!