Set Destination: San Francisco

San Francisco Business Trip and the end of the journey

In the end of July, the 25ers went in a business trip to San Francisco for four days. Through this trip we aimed to give them a better understanding of entrepreneurial and tech business thinking, that are also part of eMAG’s business and cultural foundation.

This time the highlights were the two meetings with two top companies in the Bay area: Prosus Ventures and Meta.

The meeting with Prosus Ventures was very special because they are our main investor. They were able to share valuable and concrete information about the company which helped the 25ers add one more piece of puzzle in understanding eMAG’s strategy.

The meeting at Meta represented a great mix of activities: they started with a tour campus, followed by a VR Quest Demo and two presentations about Metaverse and the Meta Culture. They spent around half of the day together with the Meta representatives who made sure to plan an engaging, and diverse experience for them.

In another day they also explored the beautiful campus of Stanford University.

In San Francisco they had a dinner out where they celebrated the end of the program and all its successes. Good job, 25ers, we hope you had a great time-travelling experience!