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Witty Workshops

Starting the new year with full throttle

Creative Breakfast #4:

As a member of a crew that performs time travelling you have to know the dynamics of your team really well. So we brought a crew captain to teach our time travellers the ways of managing a team.

Delia Sofonea, People Director at eMAG, talked about what motivates people, what keeps them engaged and gave some tips and tricks to the participants on how they should work things out in their teams.

Finance for non-finance:

Cryptocurrency??? Uhmm… say that again?

Not all of us are finance ninjas, so in order to deal with the intergalactic trading marketplace, the time travellers had to take a crash course that would prepare them for the future encounters with the costs of ship maintenance. This course focused on familiarizing the participants with the finance-related concepts and flows within the company, while they passed through a simulation of planning and strategy.

Job Shadowing

We are glad to present you the job shadowing initiative, an idea of one of the 25ers (thank you, Andreea).

In this initiative, all of the participants had the chance to spend an entire day at one of their colleague’s office. In this way, they shared experiences and information and their knowledge horizons where stretched even further.