The Arena results are here

The wait is over, the Arena results are here. Regardless of these results, we want to congratulate you all for your hard work. We’re so proud of you! <3


Oh, did we mention there is a password you must enter in order to see the results? 🙂  To find the password, you’ll have to look back a little at the last year of the program. The password consists of the responses to the questions below.

  • What was the first day of the Boot Camp (the first 2 digits of the date)
  • What was the first Navigation Workshop of the program?
  • What was the day you met several members of the Senior Management face to face and got feedback from them? (the first 2 digits of the date)
  • What is the first letter of the youngest 25er’s first name?
  • How many Creative Breakfast did we organize in the program?
  • What amount did you receive, per team, at the beginning of the Creative Breakfast dedicated to Shoebox? (only the digits)
  • How many applicants did we have in this edition of the Future 25 program?

Good luck!