The 25ers

The Arena

The final showdown of the Future 25 program is approaching. And that is… The Arena. The place where all great ideas will collide and where the participants can convince the audience that they are best suited to become crew captains.

The Arena will be devised in three stages:

  1. The Future 25 Feedback
  2. The Galactic Gladiator
  3. The Interstellar Alliance

The Future 25 Feedback – will consist of the general feedback from the mentors and organizers regarding the 25ers involvement in the program (360 Feedback, mentors feedback, organizers feedback).

The Galactic Gladiator – this stage will occur between 27th and 30th of March.
Each participant will have to deliver a 30 minutes presentation/speech about:

  • My evolution through the program, what were my objectives, did I accomplished them?
  • What did I do good?
  • If I would get another chance, what would I do differently?
  • What have I learned through the program and what would I say about my mentors and about the people that designed the program?
  • If I am my own OKR, did I achieve my targets?
  • Who am I as a future leader?

The Interstellar Alliance – team-based exercise. Will occur on 31st of March.

The participants will be divided in 5 teams, and each of the teams will be assigned to a project that they would have to develop in eMAG. The projects will test the team’s ability to collect and use relevant data from the business and use that data to put together a valid improvement strategy in that area of the business. Also, all of the projects will be presented in front of an audience formed up from the participants’s mentors, senior management and members of People Department.

We wish our 25ers good luck and a smooth ride in their time-travelling quest.