The 25ers

Time travelling in the second year of Future 25

Almost one year ago we came back from San Francisco after closing the first year of Future 25. Everybody got a ticket after doing a great job in the first year’s Arena.

One year ago, also, we gathered all the 25ers and showed them how they will be time-travelling in the second year of the Future 25.

Quantum Navigating

We partnered with Maastricht School of Management and this year’s Quantum Navigation was around the Fast-Track MBA that everybody got through. The 25ers had the opportunity to get through important business topics, from marketing to finance, while going back to the ultimate question: “Who do I want to be as a cabin crew chief (leader)?”. Basically, we upgraded the time-machine and added some new cool features. The second year was not about building the time-machine anymore, it was about learning how to handle it and the time-travelling.

Creative Breakfast

So, we had some pretty cool speakers in our first year’s Creative Breakfast. While building the time-travelling schedule and content for the second year we realized that our very own 25ers could be some pretty cool speakers as well. So, this year’s CBs were held by them. We got through business topics on how to build better projects and also on what’s the full range of emotions that someone is feeling while living. It was a cool mix of hard business and soft humans.

The Arena

Everybody got used to the idea that if you’re a timetraveler you’ll get through an Arena each year. This translates that you’ll eventually have to work on a real business project and present the outcomes in front of Iulian Stanciu, eMAG’s CEO, and the senior management. This year’s project were around:

  • Growing the Fashion category
  • Improving WH efficiency
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Improving customer experience

It was pretty awesome. The 25ers got all their learnings from the MBA and the CBs and put together some cool projects and ideas that were presented a month ago.

What’s next?

The first year of Future 25 was about putting pieces together and building the time-machine. The second year was about moving to the next level of time-travelling. While we can clearly see the difference on each 25er, comparing to where they start from, the next steps for them are to help the new 25ers grow. This means that the next step for them is to have them involved in finding and mentoring the new time-travelers. Their journey ends only to start a new one.